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Brand Introduction
The Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 1987, is one of the world's most senior system chip manufacturer, and as the world's few master PC surrounding components technology IC design company. In addition to long-term accumulation can be applied to the computer host and peripheral equipment of the full range of key components of technology development experience, the system recently conform to industry trends and positive toward the light storage, multimedia digital video and consumer electronics market single chip (SoC) development. Ali launched CD/DVD/CD-RW/Combo Drive, DVD Player, Set-Top-Box, PMP and other full range of system solutions, and applied to the image storage / high speed USB peripheral device 2 control chip, with the help of computer science and technology in the years of rich experience and excellent R & D capability, Ali committed to key IC technologies required for the integration of information appliances.
Product Series
MP3, SoC, RF power amplifier module, set-top box solutions, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / network traffic / cars
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ALi Relevant Information:
According to the June 25th Microsoft news report, the joint venture technology and Alibaba's nails announced that the two sides will work together to build an intelligent office system based on AI. Following the cooperation with the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the field of intelligent home based on voice interaction, the joint development technology and Alibaba have reached another pound of cooperation in artificial intelligence. So far, MediaTek and Alibaba have launched a comprehensive cooperation in the two AI applications of AI AI (Voice) and AI vision (AI Vision).
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