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Brand Introduction
Huapu Yongming with a strong design team, become the LED industry only located in a customer tailored design of "design factory", the company is headquartered in Hangzhou City, Gongshu science and Technology Industrial Zone (under the jurisdiction of the northern Software Park), the company develops rapidly, for two consecutive years ranked "list" LED Street comprehensive the competitiveness of China second ("LED" high ranking), the industry is called "Hua Pu Yongming phenomenon". The company focuses on providing one-stop services for the design and manufacture of high-power LED lamps. The company currently has LED design team in the industry configuration of the most luxurious, designers have graduated from the international or domestic famous universities, disciplines covering the optical and thermal structure, industrial design, mechanical, electrical and electronic, information, art design, core personnel possess experience in the design of the major international and domestic industrial products of the project, management personnel from 500 companies, with a master's degree or above. Huapu has been declared Yongming at home and abroad nearly 300 patents, and is an average weekly over a patent annually, these patents have formed an expanding patent pool, intellectual property rights to provide security backing for customers from the LED industry intellectual property rights of the major problems.
Product Series
Quartz crystal resonator, quartz oscillator
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronics industry / Automation
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