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Brand Introduction
The Rotronic product line is very rich, covering the area clean online environment monitoring, clean room environment, temperature and humidity detection system online continuous monitoring system, temperature and humidity verification system, a new version of the GSP detection system, temperature and humidity sensors, temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity table handheld recorder, temperature and humidity generator, temperature humidity recorder, water activity meter, carbon dioxide handheld transmitter, carbon dioxide table, the automatic control system of HVAC, meteorological sensors, temperature and humidity monitoring laboratory, environmental monitoring, high precision temperature and humidity probe and OEM products. Rotronic measurement equipment is widely used in many fields: such as pharmacy, food, tobacco, warm air conditioning system, measurement and analysis of temperature and humidity in drying process, humidity measurement of paper, and meteorological industry, etc.. Rotronic products are quality assurance: we provide verification software, we have the Swiss official SCS calibration laboratory, many of our products are in line with international standards (GAMP/ FDA standard). There are more than 40 distributors in the world, with a highly efficient and efficient sales and service network. Wherever you are, you can enjoy the excellent service provided by them.
Product Series
Pressure transmitter, data recorder, probe, sensor and humidity generator, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, portable devices, instrumentation, industry / automation, energy / reconnaissance
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