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Store: 2C043, Jiahe Building, Futian District, Shenzhen, China: Room 715-716, 7th Floor, Nanguang Building, Huafu Road, Shennan Middle Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


Salesperson   5K-8K(Base salary plus commission)Contact information:Miss Wang13510186183
Engaged in electronic components、ICPriority。
1、 Looking for potential customers ,Establish a prospective customer information group;
2、Customer tracking,Need to understand,Business negotiation!sign a contract;
3、Complete the prescribed sales tasks;
4、Maintaining relationships between new and existing customers;
5、Familiar with the electronic components market;
6、Skilled operationERPsystem;
7、Can bear hardships,Positive attitude,Team spirit;
8、Responsible,Have a role,Have marketing experience,Able to withstand certain working pressures;
9、Obey the superior leadership arrangement,Trade agent type work experience is preferred。

Business assistant 5k-6k(Basic salary+Commission)
Description:This position requires familiarity with electronic components,Have some practical experience and communication skills!
1.Familiar with sales assistant work,Familiar with processing orders;
2.Familiar with the process of arranging the delivery of goods,Make various reports;
3.Familiar with office software,Will be usedERPsystem;
4.Extrovert、react quickly、Strong expressive ability,Strong communication skills,Affinity;
5.Have a good customer service awareness,conscientious,Teamwork;
6.Obey distribution,Follow the arrangement,And strictly abide by the company's various rules and regulations and related regulations.

Warehouse Manager  5K-6K
Job Responsibilities:
1、More than one year relevant work experience。
2、Familiar with warehouse feed、Warehousing、Process of issuing materials。
3、Receiving goods、Finishing warehouse、Counting and reporting on a monthly basis、Daily maintenance products collection and tracking、Advance notification of daily shipments, purchase quota, registration of warehouse data, etc.。
4、Actively cooperate with the sales department,accurate、Timely press《Sales order》Stocking、Ship。Make the card consistent!
5、Familiar withERPsystem操作,Experience in warehouse management of related electronic components。
6、conscientious、Can bear hardships,Obey the command,Team spirit.

Company welfare:Five insurance and one gold、Double pay at the end of the year、Performance fund、Perfect Attendance Award、Employee annual travel、Weekend weekend、Pay multiple times a year

working address

Nanguang Building, Huafu Road, Shennan Middle Road, Futian District, Shenzhen7floor715-716room(Behind the Shanghai hotel)
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